Associate Member

Associate membership shall be open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior investigators who are actively interested in brain-language relations and language disorders resulting from brain disease but who have not yet met the eligibility requirements for regular membership.  Associate membership does not require that the applicant has published any papers.   Applicants for associate membership must be sponsored by one member of the Academy of Aphasia.

Application for associate membership must be sponsored by one member of the Academy and must be submitted to the Committee on Membership no later than sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Academy.

Application Instructions

For your application, you will need to:

  • Complete the membership application
  • Identify an Academy member who will sponsor your application. Include his/her contact information on your application
  • Ask your sponsor to submit the sponsorship form on your behalf
Other Information
Membership Dues

Associate Members will pay annual dues set at 50% of regular membership dues

Registration Fees for Annual Meeting

Registration Fees for the annual meetings will list two levels of payment:

  • Non-student Associate Members
    These individuals will pay the full member registration fee
  • Student Associate Members*
    These individuals will pay the student registration fee.*For this purpose, Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees are NOT considered students.
Attendance to Business Meetings

Associate Members may attend the Business Meetings of the Academy, but cannot vote.  Associate Members will, however, receive all mailings and meeting announcements as do regular members.

Duration of Associate Membership

Associate Members may apply for full membership whenever they feel they have met the requirements.  When ready they will apply following the procedures as outlined for application as a regular member.